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Play my newest game "Astrocreep" today!

2016-08-11 22:08:23 by TheMillz

inspired by "The Visitor" by Zeebarf, help the alien wreck havok on a spacestation:


P.s: Check out the sweet concept statue I made of the game's playable character in stage 3 evolution form!


Hey guys,

Released a new one for you, it's like a violent version of "Cooking Mama", but a less-violent version of "PETA presents Cooking Mama". It's called Cannibal Cafe, and in it you play as a sushi chef who's rolls are of the HUMAN ingredient variety. Give it a go today!



Climb aboard the murder train!

The Murder Train is a clue-like "who-dun-it" where the player is trapped on a train with a murderer. Mr Duvall has been murdered and everyone's a suspect. The player must follow the clues, recover the murder weapon, and solve the case. But beware! There's a murderer on board, get to close when the lights go out and BAM!

Follow the clues. Solve the case. Survive a ride on the murder train!

This game is RANDOMLY different every time, different killer, different scenario, different clues everytime you play! Who will it be next time?

Stabika 4 is OUT!!!

2016-02-11 14:00:30 by TheMillz

Fans of the Stabika series, check out number 4, out today free for download!

Hey man check out my new game Stabika 4: Retribution

Hey guys, episode 3 is out, download today!



Million Face man 2.5! Play Now!

2015-10-03 21:45:02 by TheMillz

Hey guys, check out the game here:



The flash game above is a watered down version. I had to remove very much audio that really made the game much more enjoyable, but flash ran out of memory compiling the damn thing so I made 2 versions. Before you judge the game, be sure to download the exe file first, to see what crazy antics the characters get into. It's also a longer fight, as was intended.

Hey guys, you can play my new game out now, a SEQUEL to the game "Captain Flamethrower visits the Children's Hospital" called Captain Flamethrower visits the Sbortion Clinic". Now I know what you're thinking, but trust me, it's waaay worse then it sounds. Enjoy!

Game Link


BLOODHAWKS new game out now!!!

2015-06-28 09:46:12 by TheMillz

Play my JOUST remake here:

Controls are in game. Up to 2 players, arcade style


Play the new release out now:

New horror game called Iron Head is a story of suvival in a hellish spacy outworld. how long can you survive? Play the demo here: