NEW Stabika:Kade's Kastle (PLAY)

2013-04-25 21:05:27 by TheMillz

New game project called Stabika: Kade's Kastle 8e8568e2edd013a95d2a

Just a test ground, controls:

-Arrow keys run and jump
-Arrows also control which direction to swing on poles
-Up key jumps on poles.
-Grab ledges and drop from them with down key, jump off with left and right
-"A" attacks, right now, only drop kicks ( A in air after jump ) and running takedowns ( A while running ) are in, takedowns are a little wonky but to see it in action, run at the enemy and press "A" when close to spring like a raptor and finish him!
-Spacebar resets the enemy to kill over and over

Just climb around the castle and try out the acrobatics!


NEW Stabika:Kade's Kastle (PLAY)


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