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Superb animation. The gas mask people remind me of Kol Belov's work

Clockworkpixel responds:

Thank you! And i shall take that as a massive complement haha


That was so intense, very nice work :D

WOW... I avoided this initially because I thought it was gonna be some lame poorly drawn stoner humor ( not that there's anything wrong with that! ) but it was very professionally done and well written. I would watch this as a syndicated show, had the R&M kind of improve thing going on with BellSprout there towards the end.

Also, Hunter with the crack, hilarious XD

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Deceptively simple, surprisingly addictive! GJ!

JosephMoonGolf responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it.

Ok there's no popular way to say this, so it's a good thing I'm not here to make friends. This could be made in about a day. You put a drag and drop object on one side of the screen or the other, and basically created an annoying repetitive process that replaces a button ( which would have been far less annoying ) where upon each successive "press" jumps ahead in some ...idk, story? Scenario? A vague description that just describes a dog acting like a dog. You could have varied the barks or something, and the jump animation could have at least been finished, not left in the animatic state

Yea I read the part about the dead dog, sucks. But it's also manipulative, you cast a wide net to appeal to many if not all people and tug at low hanging heart strings. Nearly everyone has had a dog, or known someone who has had a dog, and I bet nearly all those people have experienced loss of that dog, so yea, this animation triggers. It's like those abused animal shelter ads that play the "arms of an angel" bit to sneak the nickles out of sad saps who miss their pups. Look I'm just saying if this was a tribute, it could have been better. I only finished because I wanted to see if this was really all there was to it before I let loose down in the reviews.

But hey I'm just some jackoff on the internet, who cares what I think

JackAstral responds:

it's about a dead dog meeting, and waiting for, you in the after life

it's just a little thing i made in an hour or two

A clicking simulator...awesome....why are we breaking houses and occasional fire people again?

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Very cool loop!
Can I use it in a game I'm making? It's a sequel to my first game, "Astrocreep" (playable on this site) I think it would go great in it!

This is a great song. Don't understand the language but it sounds beautiful

Jabicho responds:


This song perfectly captured that super hero feel I was looking for, I used it in my game "Million Face Man!" ep 1, and I'll probs use it for the next one too cause it's really sweet!

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Reminds me of troll face


Pretty stylish, and I fucking love seringes, so it gets 10 from me :X

Cool man

I think it makes great use of the vertical stretched canvas, nicely done ;)

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