Voodoocide game (PLAY NOW!)

2013-12-01 18:18:52 by TheMillz

Hey all!

After years of fucking around with the general idea of using suicide as a weapon to kill, I FINALLY released a beta of the game VOODOOCIDE. You can download it here:

Link to voodoocide

It is not done and I probs won't finish it, but what is there is gorey and bloody fun, controls are as follows:

Arrows move/jump/double jump
DOWN activates some traps ( others kill by collision ) and "dodges" enemy fire
SHIFT shoot bloodstones ( if you have any )
UP ( when enemy infects/controls you ) tap to un infect before dying in trap

Have fun,

Voodoocide game (PLAY NOW!)


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2013-12-01 18:57:54

this is awsome!!! may i do an lp of it?

TheMillz responds:

Ha Please do! I just recently learned about let's play and I have had 2 games done of them already both here:


and here:


(Thanks to jaShinYa for doing the vids!)

I'm a huge fan of it, so if you end up doing one, be sure to send me a link! Also, it is a beta and unfinished, so the last few levels arent codded correctly, i.e the enemies dont attack you, little shit like that....but the traps all work! Showcase the brutality!



2013-12-01 19:38:49

awesome i will send u the link no problem!!!